Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear Lion Brand Homespun,

Your colors are beautiful. Even though you are an acrylic yarn, I am half in love with you. Not only are your colors rich and vibrant, the heathered quality of the yarn makes me drool a little. The best part about you is the way your colors blend into one another and still stay unique. The more I look at you, the more depths and hues I find.

But why oh why must you be a boucle yarn? And a bulky one at that. In my opinion, you are only good for making large items like afghans and pillows. Due to the nature of your construction, the likeliness of any garment that is knitted from you actually flattering any figure is very low. Unfortunately, the high price assigned to you makes you an unlikely candidate for even the large projects you are suited for.

But your colors still make me want to knit everything I can out of you. The only thing keeping me from buying all the stock I can afford is the underspun quality of the boucle.

Would it be possible to compromise and just spin the gorgeous colors a little tighter? Possibly into smaller plies to make at least a worsted weight yarn?

Still dreaming of your gloriously saturated colors,