Friday, August 28, 2009

Too much!!!

Everything is happening at once, it seems!

Good stuff!

I applied for a job at western and I'm testing for it on tuesday! Hopefully I do well enough on my test that they call me for an interview and I get the job. I'm tryin not to be too hopeful but I really want this job.

You gotta take the good with the bad though. I applied for a job at the ethanol plant in canton where my best friend brandy works. She thought they were hiring but it turns out all the wanted to do was hire on the temp workers so they didn't have to pay them as much. I was really excited cause she was sure she could get me a job. Sadness. No job there.

Job hunting just sucks. Its discouraging, especially in this economy. I think if I don't get the job at western and nothing turns up soon then I'm going to apply to teach english in a foreign country. I really have nothing holding me here and since I'm young and adaptable then I can hang out for a year and teach english and then maybe come back and get a job once the economy is better. THe only downside to that would be my cats. I'd either have to convince someone to take them or I'd have to give them away. I would be sad, but I don't think my cats are a good reason not to take a chance if I get it.

On the bright side, I have cast on a ton of new projects. I'm starting to crotchet a blanket. I'm pretty sure it won't get done anytime soon, but its a good way to get rid of acrylic yarn.

I'm working on one of my original designs. I need to try it on right now before I can work more on it, but it's going well. I just need to not be lazy and put the stitches on waste yarn so I can finally see if my math was correct.

I still need to start on my second sock, but I started a project for a cabled band purse that is double stranded for durability. We'll see how that turns out.

I've been working on some other projects too, such as some scarves I've been ignoring. I'll still only do a few rows here and there, but its progress at least. I really need to update my ravelry page with all of these little projects, but I still can't get flickr to work and thats really frustrating me. Eventually I'll get productive and work everything out, but for now I'm kind of down about the job hunt. I figure if starting new projects helps me not feel sad, I'm going to start new projects.

One last happy thing! A few weeks ago a I found out about a guy named Matt Held. He paints portraits off facebook profile pictures. HE IS AMAZING! I decided to friend him and join his group and he painted my picture!!! He's been getting so much publicity lately and its amazing for him! This project of his is really getting him some attention and I'm so happy. His last interview was on and it featured the picture he painted of me! It had a lot of other people too, but I feel a little like a celebrity! I really wish I lived closer to Brooklyn where he lives cause I'd love to go see his upcoming show! If you are on facebook check out his group cause he really is talented!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Alas, second sock syndrome, like second sleeve syndrome seems unavoidable to me. Maybe it's because I'm just not in love with the yarn I used. Or maybe its because I just spent two hours looking at knitting patterns and I now have more than i'll ever knit or crotchet in a lifetime.

Why is it that knitters and crotcheters alike seem to have this urge to stockpile. First it starts out as yarn, lovely mountains of soft, cuddly yarn. Then once you have the yarn you find patterns to look for the yarn, but the patterns just don't fit the yarns you have, thus you spend more money on the perfect yarn for the pattern. Its a vicious cycle, one I personally am doomed to for life.

I am very proud of my addiction to needles and hooks and the wonder that is turning a long piece of string into something beautiful. I want to convert the world, one stitch at a time!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sudden urge!

I have almost finished my first sock! I'm knitting the on-your-toes socks by ann bud and its soo cooool!

I decided yesterday that since it was my day off I would do something specifically for me that I wanted to instead of just unpacking and being dreary, so I cast on for my first pair of socks. The middle eastern cast on kind of scared me a little, but after a couple tries I got it no problem! The heel is done in short rows so that didn't bother me, but I do have a couple of small holes, but for a first sock I'm so proud!

It's done in Patons Pure Wool Crepe in burgundy that a friend gave me. I didn't want to use some of my good yarn in case it turned into a disaster and I had to throw it away, but its turning out great! It's also done on US 3 needles instead of teh US1 the patter calls for. Usually I'm a tight knitter so I don't know how this one happened...


Just a couple holes in the heel...but that's ok!

More pictures to come when I'm finished! Hopefully I don't succumb to second sock syndrome...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The internet is out to get me...

My flickr account isn't working. It makes me sad. No matter what computer I use, the first file gets to about 10% and then stops. No matter how long I wait, it stays at the same percentage and my photos don't get uploaded. I finally took pictures of some projects that I needed and I can't upload them.

Also, for whatever reason, whenever I start typing an address in the address bar, it won't recognize it or it takes 20 minutes to find it. Grrr. I think I may just be oversensitive to that though.

As a side note, I've been following several threads on ravelry about why people knit their own socks. I am intrigued, and I might actually start my first pair of socks soon. Every time I think about it though, I tell myself I need to unpack a little bit more. It gets me unpacked, but i'm itching to start a new project!