Monday, August 30, 2010

Unexpected Twists

Ok, so apparently being unemployed just makes me lazy and not want to work on anything.

I have knitted quite a lot though, but have been slackin on pictures and stuff.

I have finished an entire set consisting of a hat, scarf, and mitten in double moss stitch! I should have the pattern up sometime next month. I would normally say sooner, but I have a feeling I'll just keep putting it off again and again.

I really like double moss stitch, I have decided. The only bad thing, is that it tends to be very airy. Even when using a tight gauge, it still tends to have a little bit of spread and small holes.

I also like the brioche stitch. I have started a blanket for my mom for christmas out of brioche stitch and I enjoy it. It tends to use more yarn, but for a blanket it makes a big, squishy stitch that will be wonderful to wrap up in. I hope.

Hopefully I will have pictures and other stuff soon. I am starting a job soon so hopefully that will motivate me to get my butt in gear!