Monday, February 16, 2009

Knitting existentialism

I knit a lot. I'm known as the girl who knits. But somehow I never have any knitted projects that are finished. I know I give a lot of them away, and the several knitted wearables I finished aren't really wearable at all. They are too big or the wrong color for my complexion. I feel like I'm always knitting and never get anything done.

I knit a lot of small projects to combat this feeling, but then I end up with a lot of small projects that I never use and therefore get lost. So then I'm back to feeling like I never knit.

It's an interesting dilemma that I've come across. The solution, I think is that I need to finish something I can actually wear, even if it means no more little projects for a while.

Or I just need to knit a lot more, but as much as I like knitting, I like sleep more...

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