Saturday, December 29, 2007


So I'm having computer problems. Arg. This is what is happening: I apparently have a bot on my computer. Its a program that does nothing to your computer, but uses your internet connection to send out thousands of spam emails. Apparently it's undetectable by virus scanner, spyware scanner, and to get it off your computer you need to wipe your hard drive or take it a "professional" and pay around $100 to have them find it and remove it. Frustrating. It's really not a big deal, it just sends lots of emails but doesn't really do anything else. It's not a virus or anything like that, it just uses the internet. It really wouldn't be a big deal except my mother's stupid internet provider automatically shuts off the connection whenever it detects a large internet usage like that. First of all, if it's undetectable and isn't going to hurt my computer, why should I care? Second of all, whatever we do with our internet is none of the ISP's business and if we want to send 3 million emails per day we should be able to do it without them calling and being like, "We detected high internet usage. What are you doing?"

It's none of their fucking business what we do with our internet so go away!!!

In short, now I can't use my computer because it will send out a lot of emails without me knowing it and Mom doesn't want to have to call every week to tell the people to turn our internet back on.


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