Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another new project

Sometimes I get so frustrated with my knitting. I just want to knit so I start a new project then the next day I feel bored with it so I start another one. Sometimes I just feel so constricted by knitting someone elses design. My hands itch to knit, but nothing seems good enough. Nothing seems exciting enough. I look through my entire ravelry queue but what once looked amazing holds very little appeal anymore.

The solution? Look through my notebook with all my scribbles in it and pick a project to start on. I know I dont' need to start another project, but sometimes you have to go with the challenge of starting something new and creating something unique.

My newest project? Another knitted dress. I know I've already knitted one, but I feel like I need something with more structure so I've started one with cables! I love cables and I know I haven't worked on my Samus for a while, but the thought of doing those cables just doesn't hold any appeal to me.

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