Sunday, July 6, 2008

Some FOs

I've been kind of busy for a while with work and summer music theatre has started up so I'm running around trying to get my fingers into music mode again. But here are a few more bracelets and such that I've made. My mom already stole them so they are no longer in my possession.

I wasn't feeling very well yesterday so I engaged in some yarn therapy with my newly acquired ball of Noro Kureyon and made myself a hat! It's kind of random and completely ungraceful, but it's got a little point at the top (just a little one) which makes me giggle and it covers my ears!!!! This is very important. I hate hats that don't cover my ears. Here is my top down ladder hat!!

The point!

From the front

Lying flat

And a close-up of the ladders!

My favorite part about the hat and the yarn?


Love the colors, love the yarn, love the hat!! That's a lot of love for one hat.

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