Friday, January 16, 2009

The Adventures of Knitter Girl!!

After much debate, and surprisingly little alchohol, I am unveiling my superhero identity as Knitter Girl!!

After playing with several slogans, I have come up with "More effective in winter!"

Basically my friends and I are dorks and drank too much caffeine. I got cold and she gave me a blanket with snaps around the edges. My first thought was to make it a cape and Knitter Girl was born.

She knits you socks that are too small! And glorious wool sweaters, then felts them around you!!

How devious.

I'm seriously contemplating knitting a mask to go along with her and making her my idea for a halloween costume. I know halloween is forever away right now but if I'm going to knit the majority of my costume (and with a name like Knitter Girl, how could I not?) , then I might want to commit to something now.

Also! My friend is getting married this summer and she wants to know if I'll knit her veil. I was all like, HELLS YES!!! so I'm totally excited about this!

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