Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New career aspirations

I got a new camera!! I got a D90 from Nikon for a graduation gift and I'm so excited! What I would love to do is specialize in shooting hand knits, but I know thats a little way out there.

Honestly though, who would showcase stitches and textures better then someone who knows them as well as the knitter who made them?

I'm trying to get one of my friends to let me shoot pictures of her after she blocks her shawl but she won't get her blocking wires until after we're on summer vacation. I'm hoping she has some other projects she hasn't photographed yet!

The really nice thing is that I pulled a muscle last week, so through the vikoden haze I get to knit a lot! The pain sucks but the forced lack of movement of my leg makes for great knitting time!

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