Friday, April 17, 2009

New project!

I decided I was bored last night. Unfortunately for me, that means I started a new project. I started then after I got about an inch on The Drop Stitch lace tank, I realized my gauge was way off so I started frogging.

It was a blessing in disguise. After I was done, I realized I didn't have as much of the yarn I had been using as I thought I did, so it probably would never have been finished anyway. I was going to start with a different yarn so my gauge would match a little better, when I decided I should probably finish one of my other multitude of projects. With only about an hour of work, my peacock stole was done!!! Hurray! Now I just need to find a suitable place to block it... Pictures to come though!

I still had time before bed, even after a bath, for a little more knitting so I cast on for the lace tank again!! Hurray!! NOw I have several projects that are super fun!! I'm so excited that I finished something and I got to start something new!!

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