Saturday, February 20, 2010


Ok. So I realize I'm not the best blogger in the world. I get too distracted and then I don't want to sit down and type out an entry. I do love to knit though. And that is what makes me happy.

So I have been doing a lot of stuff. Right now I'm on a spree to finish a lot of my UFOs that have been sitting around. I'm finishing a sweater right now with knitpicks swish worsted. I love this yarn. Its soft, it feels great while you're knitting, it comes in great colors and is superwash wool! I can't wait to finish this sweater.

I also need to finish my sahara. I still have just one sleeve left to do and I just need to sit down and say, its getting done. That is next on my list. After that I am going to finish my second sock. No if, ands, or buts. Its getting done. Then I need to finish my second glove. The real problem there is untangling the yarn where its gotten hopelessly gnarled during my months of shoving it aside and the moving fiasco last july. I'm not aware of any more UFOs that need finishing, but I'm sure the next time I clean a couple will pop up.

I am currently working on the fiery bolero, but the problem with that is I need to unravel another project to reuse the yarn and the thought of unraveling, then stretching out the yarn, then rewinding it while untangling the inevitable tangles really turns me off. I just want to knit. Maybe one of these days I'll start feeling productive and tackle it, but I don't think it will be soon. Its probably going to be a UFO for at least another year.

I really want to start on the airy wrap sweater from fitted knits. I even have the yarn for it, but i keep telling myself I need to work on getting other stuff finished. Casting on will be my reward for finishing all my other projects. I hope.

So sometime a long time ago I went through a lot of my stash and decided projects for it, and then somewhere along the way I never started any of those projects. It is my goal to try to work on some of these and possibly destash. I don't think I'll ever destash enough that my apartment won't look like a lunatic yarn bin when my cats get into it, but I do want to get rid of some of the yarn I will never use. This is probably why I made the list in the first place.

Hopefully I'll get off my butt soon and start taking a couple minutes to update and post pics.

Until next time.

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