Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well, maybe not mania. I did finish my southwestern shawl which really hadn't been a UFO for long. I got it blocked because I finally got a new vaccuum and could sweep then pin it out on the floor! Pics of that to come. After that, I decided I would work on my second glove. Yeah....

So I've been knitting on it all weekend. Today at work, the printer broke so there's nothing to do. So I've been knitting. I finished my second glove. Unfortunately, its enormous. How enormous? Well my boyfriend's hands are probably 3 times the size of mine. I think it would fit him quite well. Don't believe me? Proof:

The right hand I did first. It fits well. It's nice. The left hand I started last week. Its enormous. That's what I get for waiting a couple years in between each.

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