Thursday, May 6, 2010

Been a while

So much has been going on it makes my head hurt. I finished a bunch of projects and am really happy but am probably never going to get good pictures of them. Sadness. A good part of the problem is that I'm moving! Sterling/Rock Falls, here I come!

This has been a huge thing on my mind lately. My wonderful boyfriend asked me last month if I would move in with him. I haven't been dating him for very long, so naturally I was worried, but we looked at apartments together and we picked one out! Now he's stuck with me for at least a year. I'm terribly worried because all the other times I've had roommates I've wanted to kill them with a couple months, so I really hope that doesn't happen. I'm definately going to do my best not to let it.

I have also discovered something very important. Well, two things actually.
1. Home is where the stash is.
If you move half your yarn, then wait a couple weeks to move the second half, you feel a little lost. It's sad really.
2. If you're only going to move half of your yarn, MAKE SURE YOU BRING NEEDLES!
I completely forgot to pack extra needle so when I forgot the yarn for my current project I could find something else to start. I ended up wandering around my new apartment for a few hours doing small chores until I decided to go to wal-mart and buy cheap needles.

I started this cool new scarf from Lion Brand, too. Its crotcheted which is a little weird for me (but crotchet needles are cheaper than knitting needles and wal-mart doesn't carry the size circs that I want), but it's coming along nicely. I watched the miniseries The Prisoner (good show by the way) while I started it and I almost finished it! It's a little short, but something this pretty isn't really meant to be super functional, I don't think. Pics to come later!

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