Monday, May 24, 2010

Internetz again!

Hurray! Except for a few small things I am moved! The big excitement is now I have internets again! The comcast guy came this morning and gave us our borrowed modem and now I am happy. I have ravelry access again, as well as the whimsy to look up exciting new recipes and try them on a whim. Plus the whole job hunting thing, but that seems secondary right now.

I also have some sad news. It was bound to happen, I know, but I didn't think it would set in this soon. While moving in yet another container full of yarn, my SO loudly announced that I wasn't allowed to buy any more yarn until I lessened my stash a bit. :( I protested, of course, and pleaded to have my yarn privileges reinstated, but he was solid as a rock. I got nowhere. Now I have to find a bunch of projects that are fast and use up a bunch of yarn. On the bright side it means I get to spend more time on ravelry :)

I did finish my scalloped scarf, as well as an adorable octopus from Amigurami Knits! I have started another kindle cover as well as a sweater (crosses fingers).

I've realized I don't knit as many sweaters because the annoyance of the gauge swatch is nearly too much for me to handle. I knit one swatch, sure that I know myself and my knitting tendencies well enough, only to find its not correct. Then I take it out and knit another swatch, usually with smaller needles, and it still isn't correct. After several repeats of the swatch at numerous needle sizes, I usually either give up and decided the project isn't worth my time or I give up and randomly choose a needle size I think was closest. I think this is a good indication that I need to learn patience.

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