Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Alas, second sock syndrome, like second sleeve syndrome seems unavoidable to me. Maybe it's because I'm just not in love with the yarn I used. Or maybe its because I just spent two hours looking at knitting patterns and I now have more than i'll ever knit or crotchet in a lifetime.

Why is it that knitters and crotcheters alike seem to have this urge to stockpile. First it starts out as yarn, lovely mountains of soft, cuddly yarn. Then once you have the yarn you find patterns to look for the yarn, but the patterns just don't fit the yarns you have, thus you spend more money on the perfect yarn for the pattern. Its a vicious cycle, one I personally am doomed to for life.

I am very proud of my addiction to needles and hooks and the wonder that is turning a long piece of string into something beautiful. I want to convert the world, one stitch at a time!!!

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