Saturday, August 1, 2009

The internet is out to get me...

My flickr account isn't working. It makes me sad. No matter what computer I use, the first file gets to about 10% and then stops. No matter how long I wait, it stays at the same percentage and my photos don't get uploaded. I finally took pictures of some projects that I needed and I can't upload them.

Also, for whatever reason, whenever I start typing an address in the address bar, it won't recognize it or it takes 20 minutes to find it. Grrr. I think I may just be oversensitive to that though.

As a side note, I've been following several threads on ravelry about why people knit their own socks. I am intrigued, and I might actually start my first pair of socks soon. Every time I think about it though, I tell myself I need to unpack a little bit more. It gets me unpacked, but i'm itching to start a new project!

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