Monday, August 3, 2009

Sudden urge!

I have almost finished my first sock! I'm knitting the on-your-toes socks by ann bud and its soo cooool!

I decided yesterday that since it was my day off I would do something specifically for me that I wanted to instead of just unpacking and being dreary, so I cast on for my first pair of socks. The middle eastern cast on kind of scared me a little, but after a couple tries I got it no problem! The heel is done in short rows so that didn't bother me, but I do have a couple of small holes, but for a first sock I'm so proud!

It's done in Patons Pure Wool Crepe in burgundy that a friend gave me. I didn't want to use some of my good yarn in case it turned into a disaster and I had to throw it away, but its turning out great! It's also done on US 3 needles instead of teh US1 the patter calls for. Usually I'm a tight knitter so I don't know how this one happened...


Just a couple holes in the heel...but that's ok!

More pictures to come when I'm finished! Hopefully I don't succumb to second sock syndrome...

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